Readers’ Choice for Best Happy Hour: Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill BarGet your motor runnin’? Head out on the highway? Lookin’ for adventure? Looking for your dentures, more likely. If you haven’t already noticed, the median age for the heavy metal thunder riding Harleys these days is about 56, and it’s the guys who stayed in med school in the ’60s instead of pursuing personal freedom and white line fever across America. So it’s to be expected that this motorcycle clique making up for lost time makes its hedonistic home a chic, relatively new bar in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, wearing more leather apparel than most wanna be punks half their age.Despite the metal and marble bar’s proximity to the Easyriders Tattoo Parlor, most of the marked men who come in for a drink are under the age of 29 and are too smarting from being under the needle to spike the “Born to Be Mild” set.

After this broke out and Natural Selection was ruled an EPIC failure and many jumped ship. But rather than admitting they were wrong some diehard evolutionary atheist “scientist” came up with new term Random Genetic Drift which is the random change in the genetic composition of a population due to chance events causing unequal participation of individuals in producing succeeding generations. Along with natural selection, genetic drift is a principal force in evolution.

What time is now a good time to sleep? You want to be in bed by 8:00, but you fidget, knowing that you’d have to have an excuse for that one, like young kids or an extra early start. Besides, 10 hours of sleep is only for college students. To waste time, you straighten the living room, set up the kitchen for morning breakfast, clean up in the bathroom, and then you clean yourself up in the bathroom.

Maybe real reciprocity rather than formal equality is called for. One could now say “but these changes were inevitable,” but that’s what one says in abandoning responsibility. One could say, “still, overall, modernity is preferable,” but can one make that argument on terms other than those of modernity itself? Has anyone actually made the argument that increasing wealth, developing technology and improving living conditions requires liberal democracy and ever expanding forms of formal equality? Once we step outside of the frame forcing us to see “modernity” as a single, inevitable, beneficial package, the connection is not obvious at all.

The amassing of mundane elements and facets of character, the bone deep life of the village, create a complex quilt of intensely rendered components: “The clocks went back and the nights overtook the short days. The teenagers walked home from the bus stop in the dark. A man fitting the missing girl’s father’s description was seen walking farther and farther away from the village.” And: “By April the first swallows were seen and the walkers were back on the hills.