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Reporters have become stenographers. I can be the only one who sick of what passes for the news today. Wednesday issue, Kent tells his editor he been a journalist for barely five years.. But it didn’t convert into more seats. In fact, it converted into one less seat. That’s the luck of the draw, if you like, but the Greens are in a terrific position at the next election, and I expect we’ll see more House of Representatives seats, and Senate seats, going to the Greens when that comes around.MATT WORDSWORTH: Were you at all disappointed with the result in New South Wales?BOB BROWN: Look, the result in New South Wales has been long term disappointment to me.

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The game turned physical after Killer Bee Brady Leavold laid a hit on Erik Boisvert. Trevor Hunt stepped in to defend his teammate, therefore dropping the mitts with Aaron Boogaard. The Bucks were outshot 14 6 in the period.. To the right, grassland flats watered by ponds and King Creek form the Park at Flat Rock, established in 2013 on the site of a golf course realized in 1910 by Joseph Holt for his new Highland Lake Club. es, mam, an eighteen hole golf course,?the rench Broad Hustler?of Hendersonville boasted at the time, omething that Charlotte and Spartanburg and Asheville dream of at night.? The project had become possible because of the development of technology that could dredge and drain the mountain bogs that had beennd still are to a fractional extent unique feature of the East Flat Rock area. The ridge above the bog, on which Charlestonians had built homes, had once been a Cherokee trail, significant because of its relation to a celebrated Cherokee meeting place, the flat rockn exposed granite outcrop now visible at and across from Flat Rock Playhouse.