Local media reports described the bus as a “tourist coach” but said it had been carrying workers to the airport at the time of the crash, which happened near the exit of a tunnel. Tsing Yi is connected by a freeway to Hong Kong International Airport on neighbouring Lantau island. Television footage showed the injured being treated by the side of the road before they were taken to [Read more.] about 5 dead, 32 injured after bus and taxi collide in Hong Kong.

“It wasn’t something where somebody would want to be in that room alone with him,” Wolf said. “Even my nephew, when I got out to the truck, we both looked at each other and I was like, ‘That was weird, right?’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, that was hella weird. We’re not doing this job right?’ and I was like, ‘Hell no!'”.

You completely right to question that assumption. It very much possible to quantify the amount of error, or even just ballpark it. But numerical math is hard! :)And . Matilda Dodge duplicated the room she shared with John Dodge at the Boston Boulevard home with its sleigh bed, rosebud wallpaper, and wonderful rose drapes. This room is not shown to the public due to a fire department law. However, through an appointment with the hall’s curator, Mom was able to view the room sometime after her court case had been settled.

It would be great if the council bought it as it would be properly maintained.”Friends of Westwoodhill Recreation Area chairman Ian Dow agreed, saying: “Anything that encourages regeneration and keeps things local within the community is a bonus.”The Square is in a sorry state so hopefully the council will take it on with a view to rejuvenating it. I’m sure Friends of Westwoodhill Recreation Area and Friends of Dunedin would be more than delighted to see something positive happen with the sale of it something other than betting shops and takeaways.”Westwood Square is up for sale with a price tag of 1.1million.Owners Dunaskin will put the property and retail units up for auction on May 23.Michael McGlynn, executive director of Community and Enterprise Resources at South Lanarkshire Council, said: “It is proposed to report to the Community and Enterprise Committee in June options on how the Town Centre Fund from the Scottish Government may be allocated. As such, it would be premature for the council and/or officers to commit to any project in advance of the Committee’s consideration of the matter and any decision it may make.”.

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