Note: modern phones are pre programmed with a set of emergency numbers they recognize as “special”, this typically includes at least 112, 911, and 999. (I assume phones sold in Australia would also recognize 000, etc.) Those numbers are recognized by the phone itself which then doesn even initiate normal dialing but a special emergency call instead. As you already pointed out, those calls are prioritized, even to the extent of dropping other calls, if there isn enough bandwidth.

WS084 G. Inspired by historical movements and cultural rituals and ideas, Child of Wild crafts pieces that explore and celebrate cultures and rituals that share the common thread of humanity. Child of Wild is characterized by their use of intricate designs, etched detailing and rich turquoise stones.

Driven by nostalgia, Agora experiments with prints and color blocking to create vintage inspired sportswear and streetwear. With boxy cuts and fits that are a little more relaxed, its range of clothing gives a mis matched twist to classic athleisure styles. Look out for the brand’s collection of sweatshirts, windbreakers, sweatpants and tees, all available in our edit.

Michaud’s was a setting for mystery, wonder and imagination. There were concrete steps, directly across the street from our row house, leading up the hill to the mystique of Michaud’s. On either side of the steps were brambles of blackberry bushes. We did a big investment around a year and a half ago into our ice cream equipment, but we decided to give up our macaron business at that time. We just make one type in one of the Calgary shops a raspberry hibiscus macaron as an homage to our early days. Macarons were a trend at the time, but ice cream is more wholesome and it has more meaning to me..

“It wasn’t my decision. I went off what David (agent David Falk) told me, so it wasn’t up to me,” said Bibby, whose father, Henry, played several years in the NBA and now coaches Southern Cal. “Me being No. Used to have big times over there, and we crashed the party, Raia said. Always had a lot of guys in the parades, and I said, what I going to do.’ of men joined Raia post, and his activism earned him a series of positions in the statewide American Legion. His popularity eventually earned him an election as state commander, the group top Pennsylvania job..

“Whitey” received His nickname at Rossville High School where he graduated. Mr. Cantrell worked at Combustion Engineering as a welder until his retirement in 1991.. Think you can avoid ticks and their habitats? Part of the controversy in Lyme is regarding how it may be transmitted. It is believed and there are medically documented cases of Lyme disease being transmitted to a fetus, which also means it can be sexually transmitted. It is a spirochetal bacteria which is a distant cousin to syphillis..