Marines landed last week in the Mogadishu darkness right in the midst of a horde of jostling, television cameramen carrying bright lights the force that rolled into Baidoa had fewer problems with the international media.Baidoa, unlike Mogadishu, is known to be a considerably more lawless, dangerous spot, and members of the media although they provided detailed coverage of the convoy’s arrival had deliberately tried to lie low. Their conduct also may have been more circumspect because some journalists came under fire on Tuesday on their trip into Baidoa.American officials had warned relief workers and ordinary Somalis to stay off Baidoa’s streets from midnight on or face the consequences of getting caught in any military action.The armed convoy of several hundred troops encountered few problems making their forays around Mogadishu, then on to the Bela Dogle airport halfway between Mogadishu and Baidoa. Arriving from the coastal capital and Bela Dogle with a massive show of force, soldiers were confident that any potential challengers would disappear from the rocky streets here.The night before the mission, Col.

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Paret looked at the pictures you sent and agrees that you do appear to have a modular storage unit from the Planner Group collection of Paul McCobb, an American industrial and furniture designer who died in 1969. The sleek Planner Group designs, made from 1949 to 1964, were so popular that many manufacturers tried to copy them. One hint that your piece could be an original is the texture of the sliding doors.

TheUS militaryis expected to be front and center during Thursday event, which will showcase a wide variety of weaponry, including M1 Abrams tanks, and has taken on a political hue, withthe President,who has already launched his re election campaign, breaking tradition to deliver a speech and theRepublican National Committee distributing ticketsin a special VIP area. With the ocean waters warming up, thousands have headed to Seal Beach and 52 of them were injured this week in stingray attacks, city Marine Safety Officer Nick Brolin told KTLA. Officials previously said there were 57 cases.