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The restricted areas have been identified in Article 19 but it is worth recalling here that all laws have to have a reason. Laws without reason cannot be justified, and always prove counter productive in the long run. Free speech allows us to say what we think, including when we dissent or object.

It’s time well spent. I maintain all of my notes in a program called Connected Text. I refer back to problems, meetings, CYA items, programming notes, language notes, API snippets, etc. Once you see this hepcat time machine, you’ll want to run to the nearest vintage clothing store to buy your own wingtips.The digital age has given classical and chamber music its best ever recording quality and fidelity, yet the masters are still getting the short shrift by technology. With LED display push button car stereos and receivers tuning in whatever signals aren’t putting up too much of a struggle, it’s near impossible to find a station in Phoenix that gives a flyin’ fugue. The only way we found listener supported classical KBAQ FM 89.5 (or “K Bach”) was to get a cheap portable radio with a turn dial that sweeps across the airwaves like an old broom that knows where all the corners are.

Have to see what happens, Oakley said. Like to get a ring one day. If Oakley goes to a contender, he likely won get near the contract he could get by re signing with the Raptors. Welcome to Pig Island. A place where Plato, an adorable, little pig, has a big message for humankind! When a young boy learns of. A secret awaiting him on a tropical island, inhabited by some curly tailed creatures, he sets his course across the ocean blue.

She likes Facebook, her friends, and plenty of sleep. So when she and her brother, Joe, are invited to stay with their ‘loony’ Uncle Percy at his stately home, she thinks it’ll be the worst summer ever. This series couldn’t ask for a more vibrant opening chapter.’ KIRKUS REVIEWS (awarded the KIRKUS STAR ) ‘I really enjoyed reading THE TIME HUNTERS.

Some familiar faces will be seen this year. Gibson Oakley, who played Harry the Horse in last year’s “Guys Dolls,” plays all important role of The Man in the Chair. Sean Switzer, who plays Robert, the leading man, was Sky Masterson in “Guys Dolls” and Danny Zuko in “Grease” the year before last..