How is this done? In the motion capture process, movement is recorded and then translated onto a digital model. It has applications in the military, in entertainment, sport, medicine and robotics. In filmmaking, using mo cap the director records the actions of human actors, and uses that information to animate digital character models in 2D or 3D.

Red Haired Giants of HawaiiFor over 20 years now I have been living in the islands of Hawaii. Only a few years after I had first moved here I again heard about red haired giants. Two giant 10 and 12 foot red haired skeletons were found in a lava cave in a canyon behind Olowalu Hawaii.

The women were able to improve on their sixth place performance from last year. But their most impressive feat was simply in keeping pace with some of their ranked competitors. The Bears are ranked No. M., Warneke, C. Brown, S. T. Photochromic or transition lenses, which change darkness according to ambient light, often don’t work too well in a car, as some UV rays are filtered by the windows. In an effort to remain hip as my age advances I like to wear Oakley sunglasses, the fashion forward shades for outdoors people. Travels with More Towel Less Bulk.

Her 3 Minute Belly Blitz DVD outsold Disney’s Frozen in its first week and has become the biggest selling fitness DVD in the past 15 years, hitting nearly 400,000 copies.But despite such incredible success, not to mention an enviable, gym honed, size 8 figure, Charlotte, 25, was left devastated when online trolls started taunting her, saying she had a flat backside.”I’d post selfies of me in my workout gear and I’d get a lot of hate and grief,” she says. “I’d constantly get grief about it on Instagram and Twitter .”People would say things like, ‘flat bum’, ‘pancake ase’ and ‘you obviously don’t do any squats’.”They said I looked like a spelk, a stick, straight up and down.”It annoyed me more than anything because I’d put all that hard work in, losing the weight and then people still had a go.”But the cruel comments helped to spur her into action and to get a bum she’s now more than happy to show off.Charlotte says: “I thought, ‘Right that’s it. I’m going to really change it here’.”This time, it wasn’t about losing weight, it was about focusing on toning up, gaining muscle and turning my pancake into a peach.”Charlotte Crosby looks peachy with her new figureAnd following on from the success of her first DVD, she has now released 3 Minute Bum Blitz showing how to get the bum of your dreams in 2016.The super svelte star says: “It’s so on trend to have a big, voluptuous, juicy bum.”They’re everywhere.