Made in the USA. Stress resistant O matter frame. Comfort of Oakley’s Three Point Fit system that holds lenses in precise optical alignment. My joy comes from watching KD (Durant), watching Steph, watching Klay The game has changed a little bit, it getting away from my strength, but I try to find ways to have fun. This team has been good for me to be on. Also credits the Warriors training staff..

If some kind of control is felt necessary to avoid endless discussion, then give every topic a fixed period. At present we feel like naughty children trying to slip one past teacher. I would say to all those responsible for deciding on this issue: “Courage mon braves”..

“If anybody in the locker room believes that Patrick Ewing coming back for the last two or three games is going to have an impact on whether we make the playoffs or not, they’re just wrong, ” Van Gundy said. With the injuries to the three centers, the Knicks have been vulnerable against low post scorers. Charles Oakley and Terry Cummings have been matched up against opposing centers, often giving up several inches in height, and have had trouble keeping their own shots from being rejected.

It also must be said that, whether through the influence of electronic media or not, overall attentiveness to detail has diminished in recent years. While people were able to follow much of the considerable detail involved in the Watergate scandal, 40 years later public patience and the willingness and ability to process such detail has waned. Part of the problem with dealing with the widespread fiscal corruption that led us into the 2008 Great Recession was the fact that it had a complexity difficult for the public to deal with.

This is a team game. We understand as a team we have to play together to win. It not just about me. There is a way to see the effects of low frequency PWM in LED backlights with a naked eye. Simply set your monitor to the lowest brightness possible and wave your hand, finger, or a pencil in front of a white background. If the object has sharply defined edges, the backlight is operating at a fairly low frequency.

One of the claims, about food companies mixing rice with plastic, has been debunked several times since at least 2011, as evidenced by this comprehensive round up byfact checking platform Snopes. Another controversial claim is that cheese with chemicals is difficult to melt, turning black when exposed to flame. A closer look at the cheese in the video shows it also contains black bits, as often happens when something burns.