Give your style some added performance with the Oakley Flak Draft sunglasses. Standard frame size with enhanced lens coverage. Single release trigger lets you change lenses quickly with the push of a button. “If elected, I will work on issues that are important to our community. I am committed to ensuring that education remains a legislative priority,” said Nelson. “I will be an advocate for the continued growth of educational opportunities for students in our community and across the state.

And so much of Tribe’s story is etched into its music, anyway something that feels most evident in the verses Phife contributed to the group’s 1993 masterstroke, “Midnight Marauders,” an album where the syllables bounced out of his mouth to mesmerizing effect. Tempering his boasts with confessional minutiae, Phife rapped about his earliest influences (“My favorite jam back in the day was ‘Eric B. For President””), his secret infatuations (“Used to have a crush on Dawn from En Vogue”), and his physical insecurities (“Height of Muggsy Bogues, complexion of a hockey puck”), all with brio to spare..

Broken pots, crockery or stones can be laid over the bottom to the help water drain from the pots. In the case of large or heavy pots a light material such as polystyrene can be used. This helps to keep the overall weight down and also means that less compost will be needed to fill the pot.

An interaction with a client feels off, go with your gut and trust that feeling and turn down that dance. Money is abundant, but there is plenty more of it to be made. It can be glamorous, exciting, and the attention from patrons is flattering, but a strong sense of self and worth is more rewarding long term.

7:56 AM PT The trial just wrapped for the day . With Rocky’s alleged victim taking the stand. The alleged victim told the court that during the attack, he thought Rocky and his accomplices were going to kill him. “We invite the public so they can be a part of it,” manager Brian Simper said. “While we are doing our best to try to prevent mosquitoes, the public has a lot they can do too. And this helps remind them.

I’ve lived in the bay area for nearly 15 years and have done lots of road tripping. I and my boyfriend would love to go someplace that’s within about an hour and a half drive. We do a ton of hiking and also love beaches and small towns. All I know is there’s only two kinds of discussion I get into in the Wikipedia; one’s I win, and one’s I haven’t won yet; because I don’t get into discussions where I’m not on the wikipedia’s side. Currently pending discussions I haven’t prevailed on: 0. I never give up; and I’m not kidding.