Lenses with high power were traditionally thick and heavy. This often resulted in heavy eyeglasses that were extremely uncomfortable, even for adults. Modern technology has solved the problem to a great extent, and now even high power eyeglasses come in extremely lightweight and thin designs.

All apartments have flat screen TVs and Wi Fi; linen and towels are included in the price, as is cleaning. The walls are on the thin side, so children running up and down the corridors can be an irritant. It is out in the wilds in a high alpine setting, surrounded by wonderful scenery.

But a pinecone is not the right pet for a bear and a bunny. And a caterpillar is nice, but it may not be very much fun. Read more. Watched They Shall Not Grow Old last night. Incredible documentary about WW1. Made by Peter Jackson. Had a cluster of activity in the west end of our division involving similar incidents with similar suspect descriptions, so we decided to take a closer look, Det. Yoshi McCausland, of 55 Division, said Thursday. Also wanted to make citizens aware of what has been going on and what we doing.

In its initial response to questions about its credit and collection policies, Mohegan Sun defended the practice of using liens. “Your inference that our methods of seeking repayment are somehow more aggressive than other gaming companies is not accurate,” wrote Charles Bunnell, chief of staff of the Mohegan Tribe, in a letter to the Globe. After Coakley warned of the dangers of that practice, Mohegan Sun put out a statement saying “We have always indicated our willingness to work with the Gaming Commission within whatever regulatory framework they establish.”.

By June the winds change to a south westerly direction bringing clouds full of moisture from the sea. There are often pre monsoon showers for a few days before the main event and when the monsoon arrives it is spectacular; with intense rainfall, thunderstorms and lightening that continues for about a week. After the first “burst of the monsoon” it doesn’t rain continually, but there will be torrential rain at least once a day for a few hours.

There’s no one else who serves succulent diver sea scallops in black truffle mousse, duck ravioli in butter sage sauce with blood orange reduction, or our favorite class act: pork tenderloin roasted in amarone wine reduction, julienne prosciutto, sun dried plums and cr de cassis with butternut squash mashed potatoes and baby vegetables. Bellisima!We’ve been contemplating taking up the Atkins Diet. That’s the only way we can justify the gluttonous meat orgy that is a meal at Drinkwater’s.