Instead, they were there to talk about their friends and neighbors, Chantell Grant and Andrea Stoudemire, women who were shot and killed on that corner Friday, caught up in the same cycle of violence they were there to disrupt. Friday when police say a blue SUV passed and someone inside opened fire. The two were hit in the chest several times each and died that night at a hospital.

Have been very successful in keeping the staple products on the shelves in Williamson County. It not easy but we have been getting trucks into the area quickly from out of our Atlanta warehouses. We have long experience with supplying Florida with food during hurricanes, so we are very astute at dealing with inclement weather.

TEXAS TOWNS BRACE FOR MORE FLOODING AS DEATH TOLL CLIMBS: The National Weather Service says hail, tornadoes and thunderstorms are possible across the southern Plains Thursday evening and that flooding remains the greatest threat for areas that have received record rainfall. Blanco County emergency management spokesman Ben Oakley also said for the first time that five people are missing in Blanco County. That’s in addition to the 10 people already counted as dead and eight missing in central Texas flooding..

A recent article titled The perils of learning in English in The Economist concluded that “Teaching children in English is fine if that is what they speak at home and their parents are fluent in it. But that is not the case in most public and low cost private schools. Children are taught in a language they don’t understand by teachers whose English is poor.

As the melancholy Moor, Gregory Omar Osborne is the heart and soul of the piece. Early on, in romantic moments with his new love, Desdemona, his tall, long legged frame sways sexily. When indulging in a playful dance off with his friend Iago, those long legs fly so fast they can hardly be seen.

On Thursday, House members had passed just three bills over the course of eight hours. That’s because leadership kept sending the House on breaks after the most conservative members kept requesting that legislation be read at length. The House GOP then decided to caucus, meeting for several hours privately before deciding to adjourn midevening..

The United States government has one goal for these children: to resolve their cases in a manner that meets their “best interests” as determined by child protection experts of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This is a standard international practice. In general, this means that children should be reunited with their parents or closest relatives.