Reid also used his uncompromising influence simply to turn the Senate back on some important bills coming out of the House with Democratic support. The House did the same sort of thing with some Senate bills, but he did it far more often even though either chamber could pass its own versions, work out differences in conference committees and then vote again with the other chamber. Overall, as time passed, the Senate acted on fewer and fewer bills, and meanwhile Reid also negated the filibuster rule on presidential nominees, meaning less deliberation, less reach for congressional and popular consensus, more bullying and more truly worrisome appointments..

Fontaine married four times: to Brian Aherne in 1939, William Dozier in 1946, Collier Young in 1952 and Alfred Wright, Jr. In 1964. While three of the marriages lasted less than five years, the marriage to Young lasted nine years. The campaign finance office also said it concluded that “there was not reason to believe” that Coakley’s appointment of her sister to serve as the unpaid treasurer of her state committee had violated the campaign finance law. At the time, Anne Gentile was the paid treasurer for her federal committee. In addition to the $17,813 that the committee has agreed to pay to charity as its penalty, it will write a check for $6,000 to the state to cover the expenses of the investigation.

New York cut the lead to four on consecutive baskets by Charles Smith and Greg Anthony to open the second period. Both teams slogged through a sloppy quarter, but the Bulls avoided any real trouble. They scored their first second quarter field goal nearly four minutes in, but eventually got back on track with an 8 2 run that restored their 10 point lead with six minutes left in the half..

Instead, Maui bows out of the championship portion of the tournament with a 1 2 mark in its fourth appearance in the last five years at the SLWS.CEM outhit Grand Rapids 9 6 in the game. The Valley Isle team will return home after playing an exhibition game against an eliminated team from the international bracket on Thursday.didn play well, we had many opportunities again today, Okita said. Got doubled up on the bases, we hit hard balls right at guys and they would double us up.

Misty did have a flea problem while she was suffering depression after Hobson’s passing. I believe this occurred because of her compromised immune system. I wouldn’t put any chemical on my dog’s skin or in my dog’s mouth, I wouldn’t take myself. Let’s Get Cooking!Place your skillet on a medium low burner and remove your Chorizo from the casing. Put the Chorizo in the pan, and begin to break it into pieces with a spatula, or spoon. I personally keep the grease, but it is your choice.