Most patients with infective endocarditis respond to appropriate antibiotic treatment within 72 hours, with a definitive loss of fever and improvement in general well being. Patients who show such prompt improvement will usually do well, but those who remain febrile and septic despite optimal antibiotics usually need surgery.1Late recurrence of fever is frequently the result of antibiotic sensitivity or an infected central line, and is less often caused by the development of bacterial resistance, infection by multiple organisms or a second infection by fungus or staphylococcus. The treatment regimen needs to be matched to both the clinical and microbiological circumstances.

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“Ray Ray,” as Lewis’s father was known, was rarely in the picture during Lewis’s formative years. Ray Ray was a former football and wrestling star at Kathleen, and eventually he married another woman and moved to Tucson where he worked in the 1980s as an airplane mechanic. In Lakeland, he twice was convicted of battery against his wife, according to Polk County court records.

Recent events notwithstanding, Musharraf and Chaudhry were once close allies. On January 26, 2000, Chaudhry swore a new oath of office affirming Musharraf’s decision to suspend Pakistan’s constitution; he was subsequently appointed to the Supreme Court. Four months later, he joined the court’s 11 other justices in declaring that the general’s takeover through force was legal.