There was nothing pretty about the way they beat the Celtics in Game 1, which is what made the victory so beautiful on Saturday afternoon. They were losing 70 63 with 1:13 left in the third quarter, and everything was going the Celtics’ way then, the game being played at exactly the pace they wanted, a game in the 80s they thought they could take off the Knicks. Smith would not let them, because the Knicks found a way to grind out a playoff win the way they used to grind them out under Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy in the ’90s.

In the early days, people who lived in the England’s military depot in Canada liked this sport very much. In McGill University, some students started the ice hockey game in 1870s. They made some related regulations and these regulations were called “McGill Regulation”.

I do clearly remember the utter joy my peers had in elementary school when they walked into the classroom in the morning and encountered a substitute teacher. The words, “Oh cool, a sub” still echo in my ears as I remember the glee on the boy’s faces and the terror the substitute teacher endured during the day. Something about a substitute teacher not knowing the exact rules of order that the regular teacher had carefully laid down for the class enabled the students, especially males, to think this was a green light to confuse and torture the substitute teacher throughout the school day..

Tallest Roller Coaster 4 Tower of Terror IILocated at the Dreamworld amusement park in Queensland, Australia, the ‘Tower of Terror II’ is the fourth tallest roller coaster in the world. Standing at 377ft (100m) the ride is obviously massive, but it also gained fame for being the first coaster to hit the 100mph mark in terms of speed. Not one of the longest rides, it relies on quick hitting thrills and certainly the statistics suggest that it does not disappoint.

I was introduced to Colloidal Silver, four years ago when my son was an infant and kept getting an eye infection because his tear duct hadn opened yet. Instead of repeated antibiotic, my (traditional yet homeopath) doctor advised that I try Colloidal Silver drops for my son eyes. Wow results.

The Washington Wizards and even the Minnesota Timberwolves are reaping the benefits of drafting Kentucky players and maybe the Knicks should too. Malik Monk lit up the college basketball world in his lone year at UK and helped lead them to the Elite Eight. Monk has elite athleticism along with a killer instinct and a dead eye from long range..