Who is Special Agent Oso? Special Agent Oso is a little teddy bear special agent (el oso is Spanish for bear) who is given special assignments to complete to help children with tasks like learning to make salad, tying shoes, making a bed, etc. In order to complete each special assignment, he must follow ‘three special steps’ given to him by his Paw Pilot (aka Palm Pilot). There’s a cute little song that the Paw Pilot sings to Special Agent Oso that breaks down the steps before the assignment and repeats the steps at the end of the assignment.

Reasons Why You Should Not Eat Chocolate in Bed:You know that old saying, “It melts in your mouth, not in your hands”? Well, that saying simply is not true. Chocolate melts in your hands. Have you ever tried to pull the sheets up to get cozy with some chocolate on your hands? Yeah, it is pretty disgusting, isn’t it? Unless you want to bring in some wipes or paper towels, this is a bad idea..

In addition, it reverses the ‘top down’ approach by empowering the vanguards to commission the national NHS bodies to support them.”Jim Mackey is Chief Executive of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, a partner in the Northumberland Accountable Care Organisation vanguard. He said: “We have been heavily involved in helping to design the initial support package and look forward to shaping it further as we move forward. We have a very strong track record of working together in Northumberland and welcome this opportunity to think innovatively about how we can further integrate health and social care to create services which are fit for the changing needs of our aging population and the challenges facing the NHS.”Dr Nick Harding OBE, GP and partner at Handsworth Wood Medical Centre and part of the Vitality vanguard, said: “We welcome the publication of the support package.

Bacteriophage Therapy is a very specific kind of treatment. Unlike antibiotics, it only kills specific bacteria, not all of bacteria that is present in the body of the person being treated with it. There are no ill side affects like there are for many people when antibiotics are administered because with bacteriophages all the bacteria are not destroyed the way they are when antibiotics are used.

But about 34 years later, the once derided “flasher grizzly” returned when Rep. Peggy Wilson of Wrangell introduced a bill to make the license plate an option at the request of a Ketchikan constituent, Jerry Cegelske. Cegelske spoke of how people in the Lower 48 asked about it when he drove Outside and called it “free advertising for the state.”.