The power literally goes right through you. You don’t just hear it, you feel it. Every organ in your body is shocked by what you are experiencing. After paint, we made our way to dinner, although the drive again was a good 30+ minutes, so more jell o shots, dancing, and drinks. By the time we made it to dinner, I not sure if many people were hungry butmost people were definitely tipsy. But hey, that the point of a Bachelorette party, right?.

The publiciity given a group of people that is maltreated can put fear into the hearts of some other groups fear that they will loose their own rights and power or even be placed under the power of the formerly maltreated groups. While this may reflect ancient turf battles and humans’ competition for survival among themselves, it may be more about who is most important today. Some minorities have become actual, successful political groups themselves, such as the Mohawk Nation in Canada..

The victim, Ricky Patrick Miller, 26, was in serious condition at Fountain Valley Hospital with a single .38 caliber gunshot wound in his rear shoulder.According to police spokesman Bob Oakley, Miller and an unidentified man were driving down an alley near 39th Street and Balboa with their lights off when they were spotted by two policemen cruising the area, looking for a burglary suspect.Miller, who had been driving the 1983 Plymouth, and his companion got out of the car and began talking with the officers. According to Oakley, Miller suddenly took off running down the alley with one of the patrolmen chasing after him. The second police officer stayed at the car with the passenger.”The foot pursuit went though alleys, streets and a park, about three to four blocks in all,” Oakley said.

The passenger window of a vehicle parked in a municipal lot off of North Main Street was smashed with a brick sometime Tuesday, according to police. A Catholic Charities emergency supplies bag was taken from a vehicle parked in a lot off of Sitgreaves Street, police say. The theft was reported Tuesday after the victim said the vehicle had been left at the location since June 16.

Lunch was salad topped with California salad leftovers, yogurt and a pear. For those of you wanting the recipe it is really simple. Cook penne noodles and let them cool, cook corn (fresh) and let cool and mix it with cut up ham, cut up raw baby carrots, olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste.

They can’t look at the predicament and declare they must sweep the next four games or at least win four of the next five to take the series. They want to chop the task into a series of todays. They’re better when they proceed with simplicity.. Sunday’s playoff matinee at Madison Square Garden was punctuated by standing ovations for Sprewell and Camby, who spent the first half of this abbreviated season in the dog house. At present they’re the toast of the town, as they helped lead the Knicks to Sunday’s 90 78 victory. Only in New York.