By keeping your tires inflated, with proper tire pressure, the vehicle will more easily roll over the road surface, requiring less energy/fuel. Think about riding a bicycle: if your tires are flat, its harder to pedal and you move more slowly. When it comes to your car, it is also working harder to travel the same speed/distance with soft tires..

Here is a recent photo I just got from Quinn’s family. Am told that their 5yr old little girl loves to play dress up with her!Not too long ago, Julia’s younger sister, Malynn, handled Penny for me at the Puget Sound Toy show. Was pleasantly surprised that they won her first 2 points, from the 9 12mo puppy class.

Let me put it this way: If you are Indian or Pakistani, I’d especially suggest you stay here. I don’t know if those rumors are true. But the owner said, ‘That’s because they’re owned by Indians and Pakistanis, who don’t give a damn about you.’ Not a great way to start our stay here.Room tip: Don expect the wi fi to reach into your room.

When the qualifying heats for the women’s 400 m begin on Aug. 4 at the London Olympics, reigning Olympic champion Christine Ohuruogu and reigning world champion Amantle Montsho will likely sprint around the track in a time of around 50 seconds as they try to qualify for the final. Maziah Mahusin, who will represent the Southeast Asian nation of Brunei Darussalam, will unlikely pose either of them much of a threat.

Jon, I got a strong buy on Novak for 2017. Like a Buffet blue chipper, the fundamentals haven materially changed and he currently trading at a discount. He has no discernable injuries and his movement is still excellent. “Though these laws were passed on a bipartisan basis and have been policy for years, the previous administration did not fully enforce them, and now they are increasingly being violated,” said Archbishops Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City, Kans. And Joseph E.

From its shotgun form, Logger’s Friend can be transformed into its axe form by working the lever until it meets the barrel. At that point the battle axe head extends out from the butt of the shotgun and deploys while the butt opens up enough to be used as a hand guard. From its axe form, one only has to work the lever back to its original position in order to transform it back into its shotgun form..

“We can generally expect double rainfall in Winter compared to Summer,” Mr Barnes Keoghan said. “Last year was a little bit on the dry side, with 67 millimetres for July however the previous year Launceston had 131 millimetres.” Mr Barnes Keoghan said the chances of heading into a La Nina are greater than normal this year. La Nina events, otherwise known as a ‘cold event’, lead to wetter than normal conditions across eastern and northern Australia.