: 73 reports of evaluations of sexual health interventions examining the effectiveness of these interventions in changing knowledge, attitudes, or behavioural outcomes were identified, of which 65 were separate outcome evaluations. Of these studies, 45 (69%) lacked random control groups, 44 (68%) failed to present preintervention and 38 (59%) postintervention data, and 26 (40%) omitted to discuss the relevance of loss of data caused by drop outs. Only 12 (18%) of the 65 outcome evaluations were judged to be methodologically sound.

The three regional/rural AMS thatcontributed 84.7% of the AMS sample service three local government areas (LGA). They have 6100 registered Indigenous clients and are, therefore, reasonably likely to be representative of the 7786 Indigenous people15 years identified by the 2011 Australian census as resident in these LGA. The total Indigenous population15 years living in the surroundings of the metropolitan AMS is 4197 and the total Indigenous population15 years of the two Reserves is 378.

For me to even do that sort of upgrade on those older titles would be a logistical nightmare because I have to probably do engine upgrades for each, and they don make that much money anymore and I just a solo team now. But even if it wasn an engine upgrade required, in some cases at least, I would still have to do a ton of builds and pushes, and assumedly that means also on non steam stores that have a drm free option like Humble and gog. So even thst would take weeks, and bog down at least one of those partners a bit..

” Most brazenly, in an environmental assessment, the state claims a wider highway would actually result in lower emissions in the neighborhood by 2045, thanks to faster moving cars. (Angie Schmitt calls it the “greenwashing of a Portland highway expansion.) But it doesn’t address the possibility that the expanded road like so many highway expansions might draw in more drivers, making more trips, and creating more emissions. “.

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