Student directors are Kim Davidson, Jeff Dempsey and David Fecek. For ticket information, call 724 437 2821, Ext. 1010.. To make matters worse, boomers have been plagued by years of financial setbacks, including the Great Recession with its job losses and decimated investments. Many of the unemployed were forced to draw money from retirement accounts to live on; the EBRI estimates the recession increased the number of at risk households by up to 14 percent. Boomers have also dealt with roller coaster real estate prices, skyrocketing costs for health care and tuition for their kids, and incomes that have not kept up with inflation.

I am extremely comfortable working with all manor of APIs for different services and I know the principles behind what makes a good ReSTful API and have also explored Facebook’s GraphQL model for APIs. Git and version control is a natural part of my workflow and have used this for many years. I also know about PHP and WordPress development, having WP development for a number of years.

Definitely would have been an opportunity to take more shots or go for it, knowing the game could end at any minute, Jones admitted. Hard to turn your attention to that in the middle of a game and change strategies in midstream. In hindsight, if you knew things were going to end, I would have treated things differently.

RECESSION OF 1980The Carter Reagan Recession started with a short downturn from Jan Jul 1980, but began in earnest in 1981. It was a major recession primarily brought on by the confluence of three world wide events. Most people now call it, perhaps unfairly, the Reagan recession because he was in power when it was officially announced and, coincidentally, my second attempt at entrepreneurship went down the tubes.

But she’s got a strong voting base. Her mother’s probably email blasting millions of Tea Partiers and saying, “vote for my daughter!” And that’s probably why she’s still there. Mark Ballas, it seems like they really like each other, they get along. Following this series, the two teams will not see each other in Buffalo again until August, when the Red Sox come back to Sahlen Field for a three game set beginning the 23rd.Game 1 StarterRyan Feierabend is making his Bisons’ debut this afternoon. The left hander was signed as an MiLB free agent this past offseason, his first season back in affiliated baseball. Feierabend spent the past four seasons pitching in the Korean Baseball Organization.Game 2 StarterShawn Morimando takes the hill for the sixth time this season.