“Indy, Monaco, Le Mans and Daytona the four most famous racing venues in the world,” Sheheen said. “Winning at Daytona automatically puts you into rarified air with the true legends of the sport. Earnhardt, Petty, Foyt, Andretti, Russell and Carmichael all won at Daytona.

The Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Rolling 90L Duffel Bag is an ultralight duffel for hauling a boatload of gear. At just 3lbs, 12oz, this swallows plenty of stuff without adding unnecessary weight. Haul it around on your back with the straps, wheel it to and from the airport, or grab onto the top haul handles.

Scientific ideologies swirl throughout Stoker’s two most gothic novels, Dracula (1897) and The Lair of the White Worm (1911), and this essay will address those ideologies as literary manifestations of just some of the “weird science” that was permeating late nineteenth and early twentieth century Europe. Specifically, the essay examines racial theories, physiognomy, criminology, brain science, and sexology as they appear in Stoker’s two novels. Stoker owned a copy Johann Caspar Lavater’s five volume edition of Essays on Physiognomy (1789), and declared himself to be a “believer of the science” of physiognomy.

Friend turned off the ignition of his vintage Camaro and we sat there for a moment in silence. There was absolutely no sound but the drip of water on the roof of the automobile. I think that at this point, we had managed to spook ourselves so badly that if one of us had suggested that we leave and go home, we likely all would have agreed.

The hairless mutation has what is referred to as a lethal gene , which means every hairless dog carries both genes for powderpuff as well as hairless offspring. The varieties both show up in any one litter, and sometimes breeders will inbreed the two. On the American Kennel Club’s (AKC’s) 2010 list of dog popularity, the Chinese Crested shows up in 57Th place.

I have always been a fan of embellished chandeliers and this one I found over at Creative Jewish Mom is no exception. I think it’s gorgeous! I love how the pearls are strung in the center and how the pine cones are hung from around the middle and the cedar pods hang from each section. Also, the mixture of nature and country with the pearls reminds me of the shabby chic look.

We previously recommended that viridans streptococci should be divided into those fully sensitive to penicillin and those with reduced sensitivity as determined by the minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC). We now believe that the routine determination of the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), which is a simpler and more reproducible test, is adequate. Similar to the American Heart Association,2 we could find no data to show that the MBC is better than the MIC for this purpose..