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Diva? I almost lost my religion, because, I know, just like YOU know, that the adjectives used to describe a diva are simply put, words we care NOT to use in anyones church! Matter of fact, the typical actions of a diva will get you sat down or drop kicked by the ushers in any faith. The very moment I almost lost my religion, I also found it at the same time. I felt my calling, the need to help change the stigma for true Divas everywhere.

Get the biggest politics stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersExhibit 1 in the case for the prosecution is the fact that a church has served notice of eviction to a man living in a tent in a graveyard, and that the always eager bailiffs are due to dismantle his camp on Christmas Day.Brian Simmonds, 57, has been living in the grounds of St Mary Church for 5 months and on December 11 received a solicitor letter giving him 14 days to sling his hook.Brian is not a man who sounds easy to deal with. He first surfaced in the West Sussex County Times in October 2016, living in a tent under a bridge in the countryside outside the town of Midhurst.He claimed to have been a workaholic electrician with a 350,000 home, but said: “My life fell apart overnight for private family reasons that I find too distressing to talk about.”He developed depression and chronic IBS and moved into a rented flat with his cat Lilly. But the private landlord evicted Brian and other tenants in order to sell the building.Because Brian wanted to keep his cat, the council couldn find him a home.

Wonder how many people will rethink donating to NPS because of this. The issue with partisan political shows using government funds is that it degrades trust in those institutions so when the GOP thinks they are supporting the military by pretending they care and forcing people into holiday duties to stroke the presidents ego what they are really doing is making half of America rethink the value of that investment. Destroying institutions and making things harder is almost a theme at this point for them from alienating communities that could assist police efforts to increasing the need for abortion by pushing abstinence only education.