Who do we thank for rediscovering it? It was none other than Alexander the Great! He then introduced sugar into the Mediterranean regions as he conquered them. With the growth of the spice trade, soon northern Europe possessed this new, delicious sweet stuff, too. The Southern colonial housewife of America took great pride in her butter cookies often called tea cakes.

Tomorrow night: Scattered showers and storms remain a decent risk during the early to mid evening, and then a few showers and storms may linger later into the evening or overnight as we stay moderately humid. With partly to mostly cloudy skies, lows settle again in the upper 60s to low 70s. Confidence: Medium.

Yet another contrast is the diversity of the local population, driven by the tech boom of the 1970s 1990s. Visitors from Asia and Europe frequently overhear strangers speaking their native languages. Specialty markets offer native ingredients from around the world, and the Indian and East Asian restaurants are some of the best in the Bay Area.

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The grapes for this award winning, mind blowing riesling were grown on a two acre block of vines dating back to 1978. I love their description of this wine, concentration and crisp acidity are at once intense, yet subtle and complex. From lime leaf and lemon zest to hints of wet slate and chalk, the aromatics are beautifully highlighted by a briny oyster character.

2. Entries must be received no later than 11:59 PM (ET) on April 29, 2012. Only one internet entry per person and per e mail address will be accepted. The best tableware and finest foods are displayed as mead and music fill the house with cheer.” (Hopman, 1995, pg. 82 83) This is a tradition that goes back many centuries as societies celebrated the harvest before winter was upon them. The ritual has changed over the centuries, yet the feasting and celebrating remains the same..

The 35th annual Pigs N Heat fundraiser event is set for March 14 at Lakeview Arena in Marquette. The event features local fire and police agencies facing off against each other in a hockey game. Proceeds from the event go to aid families who have lost their homes to fires.