An important college classroom supply that is often overlooked, but is needed for the first year of school is a voice recorder. Voice recorders or tape recorders are essential supplies throughout college, especially for students who have just the slightest bit of trouble listening and writing, taking good notes, remembering what the notes mean, paying attention, concentrating, focusing, keeping up with the instructor, etc. Using a voice recorder or handheld tape recorder can make the difference between understanding and not getting it, and that shows in grades.

The end of the day, that just what we decided to do, Maas said. Again, we own every decision here. Particularly me, when I have to make those decisions, I own it and say it how it is. Bodog just sent out futures odds for the 2011 Stanley Cup. The Caps are listed third, behind only the Penguins and defending champion Blackhawks. The Caps’ odds are better than they were last year at this time, but worse than they were in early April.

Ensure they’re 100 per cent UVA and UVB rated too.However, if you’re going to be out running for extended periods (eg marathons or ultra marathons), this added level of protection for your eyes is never a bad thing. Polarized lenses do come at a bit of a premium sadly, which is around 20 30 per cent more than the same sunglasses with standard lenses.Frame shape: Wrap arounds are no doubt the most protective choice as they will cut out more of the UV rays than others so better for longer runs, or in the early morning or early evening when the sun is very low. Rectangular frames will allow sun to come in via the gap on the sides, however rectangular frames will have dual use as they’re good for everyday leisure wear too, plus the style conscious may prefer to run in these.

From games to activity books to classic puzzles like Rubik’s Cube, brain teasers will get your little ones using their noodle and developing cognitive strategy and decision making skills while having fun. The brain teasers below, available at popular retailers including Target and Amazon, are perfect for everyone from toddler to pre teen, and are a great way to unplug and connect with each other. In a world consumed by iPads and TV, even one hour away from the screen is a step in the right direction..

You don have the big ship to shore cranes, then you don need all this other stuff, he said, gesturing toward the cargo vehicles and smaller cranes populating the dock, you won be able to get the big ships. Marine terminal operator, Ports America, has ordered four STS cranes for Baltimore and plans the same number for the Port of New Orleans. Only two of New Orleans six STS cranes can handle the largest ships, the company told USTR in recent testimony..