Sam, a bewildered and badly burned koala, has emerged from the ashes of Australia’s deadliest bushfires, a small beacon of hope after days of devastation and the loss of more than 180 lives. Gulf Coast. In New Orleans, shell shocked officials tried to regain control of the historic jazz city reduced to a swampy ruin by Monday’s storm.

Height: 3″. Width: 4.3″. Depth: 0.8″. Officials are thinking about bringing more production to the Lordstown facility, Borysiak said, because they want to add more capacity in the United States and the building is large enough to accommodate other operations. A decision on that is still a while off, he said, but more production would mean a larger work force. He said Faurecia needed a site close to the GM plant because of the automaker’s just in time delivery system.

Muscles surround the lens, hold it in place and also pull on and flatten the lens, allowing the eye to see objects close up and far away. Onward we go to the vitreous humor and finally to the retina, and within the retina are millions of light sensitive cells, known as rods and cones. Light strikes the rods and cones, they are converted into electrical signals and relayed to the brain via the optic nerve..

Harry: Well, I mean they aren wizards like us so I don think that would really work anywaySo I seen a lot of people talking about Phil coming out video and how it so casual and low key, and how it obvious that he was just waiting until Dan came out to post it, but idk if people really understand what a big deal it is that Phil JUST posted it now, in 2019. Like ok, I 25 and a YouTube grandma, and I can go ahead and attest that in the early days of YouTube, coming out videos really weren a thing. YouTubers started out being primarily creative types.

India hints at changing first use nuclear policyIndia defence minister hinted on Friday that New Delhi might change its “no first use” policy on nuclear weapons, amid heightened tensions with fellow atomic power Pakistan. India committed in 1999 to not being the first to use nuclear weapons in any conflict. Among India neighboursAFP News.

Prospectors often need to look for other clues when searching for agates. Most have a glossy or waxy appearance and a pitted texture. They also seem to have a glow or translucence on sunny days, usually because of the quartz deposit on the rocks. You might have heard that much of the intermountain West hasn’t had much of a spring or summer so far this year. This was to be a recurring theme through our weekend visit and the most immediate impact was felt at our new lodging, where delayed spring runoff combined with a steady rain and somewhat questionable hydro logical engineering combined to flood the parking lot with up to a foot of water from the Yampa River. The hotel staff was pretty chill about all of this (not like they could do much about it I guess), but it did make for some tense moments watching the water slowly rise against the hubcaps of my car.