How popular was La Folia at its peak in the 18th Century? It hard to say for sure. Online statistics were still a way off and composers often referenced La Folia without naming it. Even today, you have to hunt around to learn that a cantata by Bach and a keyboard piece by Handel both used the theme.

But, with our knowledge that the universe is both local and non local, I believe it real. Call it a cosmic consciousness if you want, but it there. I think this is where all of our delusions about god have stemmed from, but I would bet my money on the non local universe and quantum entanglement.

Nancy Drew and the Go Go couple months before we set out on our adventure, my attorney friend Jerry, hearing of our plans, had semiseriously accused us of abusive tendencies would, after all, be making Sofia and Leo sit in one vehicle or another for hours, sometimes scores of hours, at a stretch. Worry, I responded optimistically. Kids are good at sleeping in cars.

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‘Although I knew her for a long time, in a way, she was a very private person. She loved golf and cruises and I think she and her husband were good companions for each other. In the end I went in to her about three times a day because she had become very frail.

Tornado encourages Pennsylvania family in expensive fight with son destructive diseaseHumbled by the community outreach after a tornado ripped through their fruit farm this spring, a St. Thomas family revealed their expensive battle against a disease ravaging their son body. When Amy and Chad Andrews son Chase was diagnosed with a severe form of muscular dystrophy in April 2018, they chose to keep the news within the family, not wanting others to feel burdened.

It comes down to what causing it. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, skipping a day of work may not always be helpful, says Dr. Saltz. Unsurprisingly, by late 2012 “the top bun was looking less and less like a bun.” To stabilize it, she repositioned the cartons and foam inside the bun (“I did not remove any of the original contents”) and, for further plumping, inserted five bags of unbleached cotton filled with Ethafoam. Luckily, “the patty and lower bun didn’t need anything; they looked good.” Phillips and her team went on to delicately clean the whole burger. No retouching was done to any of the paint; rather, Phillips painstakingly used adhesive to rebind to the canvas surface whatever layers of paint were loose or flaking..