Perched above a historic mining town that still relies on nearby natural resources, FERNIE ALPINE RESORT is all about powder and adventure. Poking skyward like a giant baseball mitt, the rugged Lizard range hauls in over 35 feet of legendary Rocky Mountain fluff annually and attracts freeriders from all over the world. If you’re lucky, you’ll be in town during the raucous Griz Days celebration that celebrates the mythic mountain man who makes it snow.

Season villain, Luke Parker continued to rain on her parade, however, during a group date, where the 24 year old import/export manager complained that the reason he had so many problems with the other men this season is because they were just jealous of his relationship with Hannah. Am exhausted from the drama with Luke, she said but still, she rewarded his behaviour with a rose ahead of next week hometown dates. But when the Bachelorette returns Monday, the real fireworks start as Hannah confesses she had sex in a windmill twice.

For Brownback’s opponents, the tax hike is a major victory in a years long fight to stop the governor from enacting increasingly conservative economic policy. Last year’s election substantially weakened the governor’s support in the legislature. In November, Democrats picked up a seat in the Senate, which has 40 members, and 12 seats in the House, which has 125.

These types of aloneness are fleeting but true loneliness is about feeling and being disconnected from people generally over a long period of time. So, the person who lives alone but who has a social life may also suffer from loneliness if he doesn’t choose to interact at work or college and feels isolated. It’s clear then that loneliness is not all about not being around people, it’s how you perceive being around those people..

Turn the lights down. Bright lights, especially fluorescent lights will keep you assuming unconsciously it is an appropriate hour to be awake. If you tone down your lighting your body will naturally react and relax. The Department of Justice and North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory both sued each other yesterday over the House Bill 2 (“Bathroom Bill”) legislation. Attorney General Loretta Lynch subsequently delivered passionate remarks in support of the transgender community during a press conference, drawing the attention of the whole country to the state’s dueling court battles over the rights of transgender individuals..

“They didn’t have books like this when I was growing up!” wailed a friend as she sorted through some of this season’s selections. She’s right. For decades, children’s books have been getting more sophisticated, more diverse and maybe more beautiful.