White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater said the rebel assault, on Nicaragua’s remote gold and silver mining district, was “very encouraging.”When asked if the military action was appropriate at a time when high level representatives of the Contras and the leftist Sandinista regime were in Santo Domingo for indirect negotiations over a cease fire in the six year old civil war, Fitzwater replied: “Absolutely. The purpose of the resistance, from our point of view, is to keep pressure on the Sandinistas to negotiate.”State Department spokeswoman Phyllis Oakley said the attack “is in keeping with the resistance’s strategy to bring military pressure to bear on the Sandinistas while trying to negotiate a political settlement.””As they have made clear, they will not unilaterally suspend military operations. To do so would remove the incentive for the Sandinistas to negotiate,” Oakley said.”Military pressure has been largely responsible for forcing the Sandinistas to come to the negotiating table,” she said.”We believe military pressure, coupled with negotiations, will compel the Sandinistas to live up to their commitments under the (Central American peace) accord.”Oakley said the United States would support a brief Christmas truce despite its backing for the Contra offensive.

This can be done with a trowel and mortar mix relatively easily. The key is to rake out as much of the old pointing as possible without damaging the roof material and then take your time when applying the new mortar. A plasticiser added to the mortar mix will reduce the possibility of it cracking in the future..

They were pulled out of lessons and forced to delete re tweets of the news article about ex vice principal Kerry TargettBut the headmistress said: ‘I’ve seen some of the graffiti but I’d like to think the pupils don’t have a personal problem with me. I’m a new teacher at the school. I’ve made some changes that were needed..

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Xbox game saves are attached to gamertags and removing these ids can result in being banned from Xbox Live. I know a lot of Xbox users use Modio to edit their game saves, but I have no idea how it works or what kinds of limitations it has. I’m sure if you Google it, you’ll come up with some answers..