The Powhatan tribe was part of a confederacy, made up of thirty Algonquin speaking tribes. Chief Wahunsonacock, more commonly called Chief Powhatan by the English colonists, ruled 12,000 people in a 9,000 square mile area and he was not happy with the 105 English men working for the Virginia Company (an organization dedicated to settling Virginia) who settled nearby in 1605. They seemed to be rough, greedy men, and Chief Powhatan likely did not want his favorite child, Matoaka now more famously known by her nickname, Pocahontas to have anything to do with the white men..

A Sunday Mail investigation today reveals a worrying recruitment black hole and critics warn the shortage has put patients’ lives at risk.In one health board, one doctor was left to care for up to 200 patients as nurses battled to pick up the pieces.Docs warnings to Scots after cases of syphilis rise across the countryAnd nurses have been ferried by taxi between hospital sites to make up staff shortfalls.A Healthcare Staffing Bill is progressing through parliament. It would mean a legal framework to help managers ensure they have the right people in place to treat patients.Figures released to the Sunday Mail by NHS Ayrshire and Arran show that on November 29, Crosshouse hospital had three consultants in charge of more than 500 patients. I’ve been anxious about patient care.

The views which The London Eye affords across London and on a clear day far beyond are breathtaking and the venue is extremely popular with visitors to London. There are a series of special events held on The London Eye throughout the year and booking online prior to making a visit can eliminate a lengthy waiting period, or even disappointment altogether. There are also discounts available for online bookings and full details are contained on The London Eye’s home site:.

Mrs Hinch essentials: Full list of cleaning products Instagram star has in cupboard at all timesSeveral listings on eBay show the cloths are being sold for around 40 or 50. But some are really trying their luck and attempting to cash in on Mrs Hinch popularity by advertising them at 5,000.They have a recommended retail price of just 2.49.Sophie who has made no secret of the fact she “loves a barg[ain]” warned people against paying more than the recommended price for the popular cloths in a video on her Instagram.She said: “Hinchers do not pay silly money for Minkeh online! He be back next week. Normal price!”Only a week to go!”Meet Mrs Hinch the mad woman from Essex whose tips are sweeping nation and lives Minky has confirmed the cleaning pad will be back in stock next week so, until then, will have to make do with a regular cloth.A spokesperson said on Wednesday: “We first noticed an unusual increase in sales back in July when Mrs Hinch first starting posting about the Minky antibacterial cleaning pad.