Oh no. I talking about wild Saskatoons those grown on bushes along river banks, in coulees and on hilly farmland across the Canadian prairies. For generations, the Saskatoon berry has been a hardy prairie food source. Jaded by “Boorish” Yeltsin and Gangster Capitalism?As the world watched in hopeful anticipation, Russian democracy finally cranked up again after a 74 year hiatus when in August 1991 Boris Yeltsin stood atop a tank in Moscow and delivered a speech denouncing a communist reactionary coup and calling for a general strike. The world applauded Yeltsin and Gorbachev for their bold steps to tear down the Iron Curtain and bring Russia into the fold of the democratic western countries. People everywhere were naming their Chihuahuas Gorby and Boris to commemorate the men who seemed to have brought about so much hope for peace and human rights.

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Solid work by Gerrard then. But has the number 10 dilemma been solved? While Davis has been handed the 10 shirt he hardly the type of probing player who will spend 90 minutes trying to break through a congested defensive line. Now 34, the Northern Irishman is more accustomed to sitting in the holding role and pulling the strings.

While having a blog is most often the starting point, nowadays bloggers are so much more than their URL. Case in point: Chiara Ferragni, who has built a downright digital empire from what began as The Blonde Salad. The blogger turned designer has focused much of her energy on her eponymous footwear and accessories line Chiara Ferragni Collection and her earnings from this business endeavor alone will make your jaw drop.

In the meantime, competition has picked up. Publix is building its first Asheville store on Hendersonville Road, and Whole Foods opened its first full fledged store in Asheville earlier this year on Tunnel Road. (Whole Foods bought Greenlife a few years ago.) Trader Joe recently opened in Asheville, as did the independent Katuah Market.

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