Always keep an eye on the leading economic indicators and key interest rates. These influence the stock market, general economy and the banks rates. Always keep in mind what your broader financial goals are. Suns: Booker was 2 for 2 at the foul line to break the franchise record for consecutive free throws made in a season at 58. Kevin Johnson (1989 90) and Mike Bratz (1980) shared the previous record of 57. Warren matched his season low with four points.

In 1989, Grant moved into the starting lineup when Oakley was traded to the New York Knicks for center Bill Cartwright. He immediately became the Bulls main rebounder, and established himself as the Bulls third scoring option after Michael Jordan and Pippen, forming one of the league best trios. Grant was noted for his defensive play; he was selected four times for the NBA All Defensive Team.[1] He helped Chicago win three consecutive NBA championships (1991, 1992, and 1993), securing the third with a last second block..

Response to our first concert season in 2018 was very enthusiastic, series coordinator Bill Ackerbauer said in a news release. Year we are thrilled to be able to offer an expanded lineup, with opening acts supporting each of the headlining performers. The concerts are free, voluntary donations to support the program are welcome..

Griffith, A. Rizzoli Emg: J. Banks, A. You can use her method at the watercooler, in the hallway, on the street, and just about anywhere else, just about any time.Take four easy steps to prepare yourself for a successful save:Tell your gossip partner about Aunt Katie’s method before you start your session.Keep your voices at low normal volume during the gossip session and face each other, so your dicey words don’t travel.Keep objects away from your mouth, so you don’t look like you are gossiping.Keep an eye out for the subject of your gossip by tuning your peripheral vision to a high pitch.Act Quickly with Aunt Katie’s SaveAt the moment you sense the unexpected presence of your subject, turn up the volume on your voice, and say clearly to your partner while expressing profound amazement:Oh, really? Butter? I fry mine in lard!Aunt Katie’s GuaranteeAunt Katie guarantees this method will save your skin every time, but only if you:Never use it anywhere near running water. It can’t be used there any more.Marcy, no need to explore any more than you have to, although I know what you mean. This is just a gem and I’m so glad its sparkle touched you and your memories.The running water thing, it’s a play on “I can’t hear you when the water’s running.”It’s a joke my daughter and I have been playing against each other for years, but also a theme from my life growing through the 50s and 60s.Running water being the huge distraction everyone has in their lives.Are we related or something? Sure sounds like some of my family! Really cute hilarious hub.