As the proud pop and scores of dads get set to celebrate their first Father’s Day, Cohen has teamed with Amazon to compile a list of his must haves to make life easier for fellow parents. You will look and feel great wearing them. The fit of the ROCKALL 102P Sunglasses is sleek, comfortable, lightweight, and durable.

“Americans have been trying to get away from it all for more than two hundred years, and never quite succeeding,” Knutson tells readers. “The job and its responsibilities follow no matter where they are. But whether they escape to a golf course or a trout stream, a sailboat or a ski slope, vacationing presidents find time away from the White House can clear the mind, rest the body, restore energy and perhaps add a touch of humanity to a politician’s image.”.

At this stage Luke has to be in Victoria on January 1 for the start of the Bay Crit series, his father Peter Ockerby said yesterday. Ockerby started his career with the City of Burnie Cycling Club and remains a member of the club, although he has a scholarship with the Tasmanian Institute of Sport. The Burnie Wheel has been his dream ever since he started cycling and in January this year he came close when he was beaten into second place by South Australia George Tanley.

SECOND DEGREE ASSAULT: On January 4, Corporal J. Molitor responded to a residence on Hemlock Way in California for a report of an assault. Investigation revealed Michael John Beard, 28 of California, was involved in a verbal dispute with the victim which escalated into a physical assault when Beard struck the victim in the face.

Hey man, I not your enemy when it comes to gun rights in the US. That is, unless you want them entirely unregulated. Then I am your enemy. Advocates say that while there are some past examples of heterosexual men dressing up like women to gain access to women’s spaces, there’s no record of that behavior increasing when there’s an LGBT non discrimination law on the books. “We have so many places that do prohibit discrimination where this has never come up,” says the Equality Federation’s Rebecca Isaacs. “This is a red herring.”.

It comes in three tints the Storm which brightens up flat light and enhances contrast on darker days; the Sun which reduces glare and fills in shadows on blown out, bluebird days; and the Everyday, meant to perform well under any light conditions. Those with larger faces or like a huge eye port will want to check out the I/OX, while smaller or medium faces may fit better the I/O or I/O7, which also have the new ChromopPop but feature a more petite frame. The claim is based on research that suggests long wave rays improve your mood and make you more alert (AKA “on your game”).