I wouldn recommend taking it snorkeling or scuba diving, but it a great watch for pretty much anything else you might end up doing in Bermuda. You may not have gone to Bermuda to experience an art gallery, but you doing yourself and the islands a huge injustice if you don make time to stop in at Masterworks. Featuring Bermudian inspired art from heavy hitters like Georgia O and Winslow Homer, you quickly be impressed with Bermuda influence on the some history most prominent artists.

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There was a study to see how many times a day you should brush your teeth. 1 vs 2 vs 3. There was a significant change between 1 and 2, but not between 2 and 3. Rick tried to explain that pickles were cucumbers but was quickly interrupted with, “Gross, I hate cucumbers!” As Rick tried once again to explain, much slower this time, that pickles were, in fact, cucumbers, I entered the room. Called me over and asked if I had a pickle tree. With a blank stare on my face, Rick proceeded to explain the entire situation to me.

Flynn is mindful of what could have happened if the club had been relegated, saying: ‘You’ve only got to see what’s happening at Hartlepool now and they’ve got a bigger fanbase than us. I personally think the club would have gone within six months unless a big backer had come in. It was that important..

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While thousands partied in the streets and the leaders proclaimed peace and brotherhood, foreign journalists came under attack as the amount of street violence seemed to increase. Just as the rally began, a camera crew working for Visnews, a British agency, was attacked and robbed by two armed men as it was leaving Mogadishu airport. Marines opened fire on the gunmen, killing one; the other escaped with a television camera after spraying the area with automatic rifle fire.