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When I’m training myself I put in my headphones. I have certain playlists based on what workout I’m doing. If I’m doing fast, short bursts of cardio I would listen to dance music from the noughties. This time, the military will need to be under the firm control of a president who now understands that the primary goals in Somalia are political, not military. This may be a stern test of the commander in chief’s abilities. But Clinton’s leadership skills are not all that is at stake.

Megan has already stole Laura man, Wes Nelson, on the hit ITV show with the pair staying together until their split earlier this month.And it seems like the drama from the villa is still ongoing with Megan a rude comment branding the Stirling star “a mess” on Instagram and mocking her for the amount of guys she been with.It came as a Love Island fan account posted about The Wanted star Max George firing into Laura, with one Insta user taking that as an opportunity to shamelessly blast the reality TV star.The user wrote: “I sorry but this girls a mess, when she gonna take a breath to be away from men?”She had three men in the villa, another only a few weeks ago, that 4 men in the space of a few months.”The girl needs to chill out. Every guy she with she makes out they perfect for her,” as the Mirror reports.Love Island Zara McDermott hints at reason behind Adam Collard splitAnd Megan, 24, who says her own romance with Wes, 20, ended because he didn love her was straight in, giving the post the thumbs up.Remaining civil, Laura, 29, defended herself, replying, “Incorrect in so many ways.”I happily single and haven been in a relationship for almost 1year.”I dated because I was on a dating show. Far from a mess Jeni.”Love a troll, do you want to call me and I tell you how many people I slept with in the past year I feel you be very unsatisfied/ Have a fabulous day.”Former air hostess Laura was devastated when Wes dumped her for Megan, after the latter tried to slap the moves on him twice behind Laura back.Inside Gemma Collins Dancing On Ice leaving party as Brian McFadden takes dig at ITVDetermined to enjoy her time in the villa, Laura moved on with Jack Fowler, and later Paul Knops.Meanwhile, Wegan stayed together after leaving Majorca, only for ex stripper Megan to announce their split after going on a furious rant against his Dancing On Ice partner, Vanessa Bauer.However, Laura refused to gloat, telling Mail Online, “I don’t feel any smugness at all.