Michele Taylor of Tallahassee, associate of communications for the Florida Catholic Conference. Tony Carvajal of Tallahassee, executive vice president of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Dennis Baxley of Ocala, executive director of the Florida Christian Coalition.

They are 6 9 Pacers draftee Wayman Tisdale from Oklahoma, Atlantas 7 1 Jon Koncak from SMU, Clevelands 6 10 Keith Lee from Memphis State and the Bulls 6 9 1/2 Charles Oakley from Virginia Union.Agents for these players figure that their clients are too valuable, as high first round picks, to come to the camp unless they have the protection of a signed contract.Another Cleveland draftee in the news, 6 10 John ”Hot Rod” Williams, is likely to miss the camp because of his involvement in the Tulane point shaving court case in New Orleans.The Bulls are the least experienced of the six teams in this camp. All of their players are rookies or free agents. Milwaukees roster, in contrast, has several players with NBA experience, including 7 3 Randy Breuer, 7 0 Chris Engler, 6 8 Kenny Fields and 6 6 Paul Thompson.”We could play some of our experienced NBA players,” said Krause, ”but that would be defeating our purpose.

Depending on who else is on your corridor/flat or whether you are a sociable person, living in halls can either be the best year of your life or a living nightmare. The university has realised that some parents of students are willing to pay extra for good quality student accommodation. This means that some of the newer halls are far too expensive for those students who don’t get a parental subsidy.

After a quarter of an hour of unrestrained sport, several hundreds were gathered in lines at the tap of the drum, facing the cheerful schoolhouse in the mild bright sun, their faces radiating contentment and good will while they straightened up at the mere hint of the teachers on duty. In San Francisco I once found a certain primary school keeping doll’s day, when every girl brought her doll to school and exhibited her at recess. The school yard was a barren inclosure within a high board fence, but a joyful place to that young company.

Play_arrowThoughts from the Ledge: David Warner master chameleonWelcome to my weekly series where I pay homage to those unsung heroes of the horror genre. This installment, I am going to discuss the master chameleon of fright, David Warner. “I know that some actors take acting terribly seriously.

The Wooden Cabbage (the local name for the locally stunted oak trees) is an isolated enlarged keeper’s cottage with a sweeping, show stopping view of Hardy Country that will have you gawping like a child in a sweetshop. There are housemartins under the eaves, the meadow slopes past the bedroom windows, and the airy house is stylishly decorated with family antiques. Owner Martyn Lee’s vegetable garden is a marvel and his wife Susie makes use of the produce for her delicious breakfasts and dinners on request..