Officials theorize that gas from a propane tank behind a Broad Street sandwich shop somehow leaked and caused the explosion, but the precisemalfunction may never be known because of the near total ruin of nearby buildings. Originally, firefighters estimated $2 million in damages. Saturday sent 40 foot flames into the air and rocked nearby buildings from their foundations.

Another major question facing state lawmakers in the wake of the ruling is what course to take on the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion. The Supreme Court decision says the federal government cannot require that states either expand their Medicaid programs or lose all federal Medicaid funding. In other words, the ruling in effect gives states the option of keeping their Medicaid programs as they are.

Couldn agree more. I used to buy all my glasses in Japan or Korea the market there is mature and competitive. Most of their shops have common lenses in stock so they can make up the finished pair for you in under 30 minutes. Will it work? Some may think it’s a gamble. Give Travolta the right role ala “Pulp Fiction” and “Get Shorty” and he’ll knock it out of the park. Otherwise he may taste the part, spit it out and chew up the scenery like a dead man walking.

That’s the beginning of Neal Stephenson’s newest epic, Seveneves. And in terms of opening hooks, it’s up there. I mean, he isn’t destroying LA or merely reducing some single nation to slag. Those who have the most hardship often are those who interact with others in the most supportive, positive and inspiring ways. They are the ones who realize what is important in life and very often the ways to attain it. Very often they are also the ones who are most generous with help, advice, resources and solutions that may enable us to see things differently so we can get through a problem of our own.

On this dais and that here is on the same page, Planning Commission Chairman Rick Gunter told the audience at a November 2013 hearing on the housing plan. Like living here. We like the way it is now. Honey, switch to the 10 pounders,” says Kirsten Gillibrand. This directive is made in a dreary, windowless gym on the fourth floor of a Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Waterloo, Iowa. The Sunday before Memorial Day, press secretary Alex Phillips and I are blearily sweating through a Gillibrand devised circuit the senator correctly predicts will leave us sore tomorrow.

GetawayThe beam of light rested on those eyes, those eyes still looking at the floor. Then one, in a swift, mesmerising movement, immobilising my limbs, turned its malevolence to hold my gaze. Its icy blue froze my heart. ” n n n nRoux also raised issue of intent, saying the killing was not “pre planned ” and referred to a “loving relationship ” between the two. N n n nHe said an autopsy showed that Steenkamp’s bladder was empty, suggesting she had gone to use the toilet as Pistorius had claimed. Prosecutors claim Steenkamp had fled to the toilet to avoid an enraged Pistorius.