My time on the ranch reminded me how exhilarating it is to step outside of what I know and to try new things and meet different people. It helped me recall the times I’d taken on challenges before and succeeded. This alongside the fresh air and time to myself definitely gave my spirits a boost, and I returned home with increased confidence and a swagger in my cowboy boots..

What I think most people mean when they say “ban kids” is ban parents who don’t handle their kids appropriately, and let them run wild. I also think there are some people who have genuine, if misguided, concern for the kids being exposed to “sinful” behavior like drinking and cursing. I think that says more about them than anything else, because drinking is not a bad thing in itself, and curses are just words that are given power by how they are reacted to..

Haynes surprised us with a wonderful Dave Mason cover “Only You Know and I Know.” His heavy hand stroked lightly here. He did the same with Van Morrison’s “Stoned Me.” He and Trucks traded licks in several areas through the night, sometimes scoring, sometimes burying one another. Credit to Haynes for going head to head with the likes of a Derek Trucks.

12% light transmission. Maui Rose Lens is ideal for foggy or overcast days, or for those who prefer a subtle rose hue to wear every day. Offers the highest contrast level. Mason dominated two games against a cast of 76ers prospects and cast offs, caught Riley’s eye, won himself a contract.”Some players attract you as much with their will as with their talent,” Riley said at the time. “I think when you see what this guy brings to the court you’ll understand what I mean.”New York understood, and the affection was immediate and unconditional. Even when Mason would periodically grouse at his place in the Knicks’ status system, the fans couldn’t get enough of him, of the messages he would carve into his hair, of the powerful way he would inflict himself on opposing forwards.Even after he was finally exiled to Charlotte, and for the rest of his career, the Garden would always cheer him.

I kinda feel like if they make that decicion they risk other friends/family using names that may be on their list. I totally feel for you on this one. I try to stay out of the drama the best I can with my husband’s family but we just had major issues and maybe it’s because I’m pregnant but I said how I really feel for the first time ever and it felt good.

Vaughn Samuel, it called Stockholm Syndrome. It very real. Kidnap victims become attached to their kidnappers. The army national guard pre and during Vietnam was also much different than it is now. It was closer to a cop type of job accept you didn’t patrol. There is an old national guard post in nearly every town.