This gadget has been out for a few months and I admit that it is esoteric and certainly not intended for everybody. But I’m delighted by the continuing ingenuity of Suunto, makers of some of the most ambitious watches. The coolest is the Suunto D9, the world’s first dive computer watch integrates a digital compass.

Kenzer Leather Satchel Snow White/Black. Adorned with hand applique flowers, Kenzer is a secure and built to last lady’s handbag. Plenty of room and extra security, with durable and convenient design for business or travel, and finished with a charming facade that gives playfulness and fun to your style.

A young friend got her first pap smear recently. Today she got a letter that says the doctor wants to see her in a couple of weeks but not why. She is freaking out. “Getting those two runs in the first and getting Martinez pitch count up was big,” Warrecker said. “Then he started to strike our guys out. I was saying, man, those two runs were big right away.

There are a whole bunch of different restaurants in Hartford. So many of them fill up my city that I can’t even count them all on both my hands. Not even three if I had a third hand!! There’s Califronia Kitchen, Ruby Tuesday’s, Jake’s Wayback, Chipotle, Bombay Olive, Olive Garden, Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell Denny’s , IHop, etc.

Music award shows are so formulaic aren’t they? The recipe is almost universal. Take one entertainer (not a musician) as compere, add an auditorium of someone or others from the music industry, the iceberg that the “talent” is the tip of, a bunch of “fans” down the front in the best behaved “mosh” pit on the planet (there was actually a moshpit coordinator listed in the closing credits), add a succession of awards calculated somehow or other by someone or other, presented to a bunch of relatively inarticulate winners who snigger and mumble their way through a list of “thankyous” that are generally meaningless or indecipherable to the average viewer. Oh and a couple of actual musical performances scattered through the evening..

From the R phase, digital tools can be used to help companies design their manufacturing process including, for example, predicting cell culture performance in antibody production using a GE bioreactor digital twin. According to Newton, this feeds existing data from a customer into an analytical engine to help optimize yield, media changeover, and harvest times. The parameters can be retained and compared to future experiments..