As early as 1985, just four years into Diana’s marriage, Tina Brown in Vanity Fair foresaw that Shy Di the ‘Mouse Of Windsor’ was already transforming into the ‘Mouse That Roared’. Heads were rolling at the Palace 40 resigned and Diana was accused of bullying Charles to the extent that she would beat him over the head with the Bible as he knelt in prayer after yet another of their screaming sessions. If the Royal Family had believed Diana was a nice English rose who could be moulded to their way of life, how wrong they were..

Summer is here and that means it’s time to relish in all the fun it brings. From trips to the beach or playing in your very own backyard, summertime means fun time. Of course, it also means the sun will be shining, bringing hotter temperatures to your area.

During The 1960s Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Were ConfirmedIn 1960, Keeling reported that the baseline level of carbon dioxide measured in Antarctica had risen. While the Antarctica station was taken out of service in the early 1960s, the Mauna Loa station continues to report carbon dioxide levels to this day. The preceding chart shows the choppy rise in carbon dioxide levels over time, as recorded at the Mauna Loa station..

Whiskey Oscar Uniform Lima Delta. Hotel Alpha Victor Echo. Hotel Echo Lima Delta. Was walking down and I saw him. He stopped and he started talking to Dolan, Griffin said. It was crazy. 3. ‘Supermobility’: Mobile technology has revolutionised our lives and how we communicate. The advent of smartphones and tablet devices has placed the access and dissemination of information at our fingertips.

This week, a study of over 1,500 subjects out of the University of California Los Angeles found that, among other things, “People linked black sounding names (Jamal, DeShawn, or Darnell) with aggression, while the white sounding names (Connor, Wyatt, or Garrett) received more leniency. In fact, people associated black sounding names with neutral backgrounds as equally dangerous to white sounding names with a criminal record.” On “The View” Friday morning, the hosts aired a clip of children saying “ghetto black names,” including Fo and Elephantisha, and then sat around discussing bias regarding names. “Can we take back ‘racist’ and say ‘discriminatory’?”Symon sporting a flamboyant pink mohawk, asked.

Antibiotics only kill bacteria, and colds and the flu are caused by viruses. Nearly one third of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary. This can raise your risk of side effects, such as diarrhea and allergic reactions. Appomattox. Victory, Defeat, and Freedom at the End of the Civil War. Elizabeth R.