“We appreciate that Pres. Musharraf . Has recognized the threat posed by cross border terrorist excursions into Afghanistan and is intending to do more,” Said Tawad, Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United States, wrote in an article published in the Wall Street Journal this month.

Why am I wrong? When exactly did this shape of shoe become such a style signifier? Is it a mere whim of fashion or do they actually look bad? They look a little bulbous, but hey, I got smallish feet, so it doesn’t look clownish or something. Or maybe it does. I feel like I’m being gas lighted.

I would like to elaborate a bit on this topic because I find it very interesting. Disclaimer: I have taken my course on lambda calculus a long time ago. If someone with better knowledge finds any inaccuracies in my answer, feel free to help me improve it.

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., July 21, 2014 SURFER Magazine’s 2014 Oakley Surf Shop Challenge at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz previously scheduled for this week, has been postponed due to the prediction of uncontestable conditions. The contest, which will be the sixth of seven in the series, will instead run either Aug. 27th or Aug.

Scientists in America are taught that the sun rotates around the earth. And people that grow up in India are taught that the earth rotates around the sun.I don’t think so.Your comment is indicative of someone who has never been taught logic.So you studied sociology? How does a study of sociology pertain to an inability to express oneself adequately and/or understand what is being said? Surely, one should go to English grammar classes for that?If people had given me different ethical answers and outlooks, that would have pertained to different sociological backgrounds, but the fact is that the OP was completely misunderstood.Sophia, as far as your post here, it somewhat says that anyone who posted on the previous thread can’t comprehend language as well as you can. Why start a thread if you want posters to answer a specific way?Sometimes questions are rhetorical, they’re for reflection or persuasion, not necessarily answering yes or no.

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