While wearing a suit, where do you put your sunglasses when you go indoors? They don’t fit right in your suit pocket. And a little etiquette here: you better take them off while inside! Even if you are dining alfresco, in many cultures, it is very rude to hide your eyes. My fashion expert learned this in Eastern Europe hard way..

> Here is a fun mental exercise for the reader. Imagine that you run Alphabet and want to destroy an arbitrary medium size business that threatens you in any way. How hard would it be, considering you control pretty much all the search queries on the web and tons of other things?Probably very easy, but consistently using this strategy would ruin my own business, in effect helping my competition..

Inspired me to keep going and follow my heart, she says. Really passionate and really driven. Photo: Nicole Bentley. Madhya Pradesh education minister Vijay Shah said the state government will take a decision regarding the recruitment of guest teachers by October six months into the ongoing academic year. Are around 1.5 lakh schools, we have limited resources, he said. Its amazing that from these system political leaders come out and rule this country.

Was a really good performance by him and I feel good for Zach, too. He took a penalty earlier in the game and that was kind of an emotional penalty. They scored on a tough bounce and it was nice for him get one back. 3B Shelby Booker, James Clemens, Sr. SS Mary Katherine Tedder, Spain Park, Sr. OF Jaden Morace, Fairhope, Jr.

English can be a tough language to get one’s head around, especially for those for whom English is a second language. However, even for native English speakers, written English in particular can be tricky and confusing. When I read the works of some over here, or when I see articles and forum discussions on the Internet, I come across a lot of words that are misused as in they think they are using the right word, when in fact they are using a similar word which means something very different from the meaning they had intended to convey.

Are we survivalists? We are relieved to be surviving the global economic crash. We can feed ourselves, warm ourselves, and could probably cope quite comfortably for years without needing to access a store if necessary. We already produce sufficient food to feed others as well, and could increase production to feed more people if needed, simply by using cuttings from our fruit trees and seeds from our existing vegetable plants to extend our gardens..