As I said, almost 2/3 of firearms related deaths are suicides, so if you really want to cut down on that number, that your starting point. I like to see “Safe Surrender” laws that permit temporarily giving up weapons in the case that you are experiencing a mental health crisis. I like to see proactive training for at risk groups (military, emergency workers, etc.) to recognize and treat PTSD..

Ce mardi 4 avril, le Snat procdait l’audition du Comit national des pches maritimes et des levages marins (CNPMEM) ainsi que du Directeur du Fonds rgional d’organisation du march du poisson “FROM Nord” ( voir la vido ). La perspective du Brexit et les consquences pour tout ce secteu. Lire la suite..

Kennedy’s Senate seat, Republicans want Brown to become their 41st vote in the 100 member Senate. That would give them enough votes to successfully filibuster Democratic initiatives, including the massive health care bill that majority Democrats are rushing to finish. Obama campaigned personally for Coakley on Sunday, urging Democrats to get out and vote, and he also appeared in an eleventh hour TV commercial on behalf of the attorney general.

He also has a massive real estate portfolio, which includes most of a Hawaiian island. 3. Amancio Ortega. Is one of the toughest gyms to play in, said Soliver, who almost single handedly took care of the Ravens, scoring 28 points on sizzling 10 of 15 shooting (4 of 5 on three pointers). Not surprised by this. We were ready for this game, ready to win.

I wanted to talk about problems that were happening at home. I found myself more isolated. I remember spending weeks at a time in my pajamas in the summer months not sleeping, not bathing, not caring. What is common to all those doctors and lawyers, academics and bureaucrats, designers, artists, and, yes, media people is that they deal in ideas with the abstract versus the physical, representation versus reality and are typically good at communicating these to others. Not for nothing are they sometimes called the classes. Ability to do so earns not only income, but social and cultural at least among their fellow class members, clustered in the centres of our major cities.

Left alone, offshore sand would migrate south into the inlet, eventually closing it to boat traffic and creating dangerous shoals. Maintenance of the inlet is a never ending battle costing taxpayers millions per decade. Of course maintaining the inlet benefits boaters, fisherman and, as a result, benefits the local economy.