Do Not Let Phone Solictors Pressure You!One of the best ways to make sure that your donations really are used to help others is to give to well known, reputable charities. Don’t be fooled by mysterious callers who ask you to donate to a police circus or to buy food for starving children. They may not be representing a charity at all! My family members always ask phone solicitors to mail us any requests for charitable contributions.

A CITY of Ballarat insurance policy will cover the legal costs of chief executive Anthony Schinck in a defamation action against him. Yesterday a council spokesperson confirmed the professional imdemnity insurance policy would be used in a case launched by Great Super Southern Swap meet organiser Trevor Wolstenholme. Mr Wolstenholme demanded a written retraction and apology without reservation from Mr Schinck for comments the chief executive officer made in April about the veracity of a photocopy of a council issued invoice.

Chaos in KailasIf what had happened thus far was doomsday, then no term could be used to describe what met Indra’s eyes when he arrived with all the gods and demigods to Mount Kailas, the abode of Lord Shiva. Only Lord Karthikeya, the second son of Shiva, sat steeped in sorrow on his mount, the peacock. Shiva’s mount, the Nandi said in sorrow,.

Per the AP:The case was sent back to the original arbitration panel of independent chairman Richard Faulkner, SCA selection Richard Chernick and Armstrong pick Ted Lyon.Armstrong lost, 2 1 when Faulkner ruled on the side of Chernick, SCA’s lawyers told AP, adding that they have askedTexas’s 116th Civil District Court in Dallas to confirm the Feb. 4 ruling.”Perjury must never be profitable,” the majority wrote in the new decision (via the AP). “Tailwind Sports Corp.

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Doll houses feature furniture and every imaginable accessory, from place settings and appliances to minuscule trees and farm implements, even the teeniest cat food box. And those with big ambitions can pick up the wood, tools, paint and glue necessary to create their own trinkets. Need a little guidance? Peruse the racks of how to books, videos and crafty magazines.And for once, go ahead and bring the boys, for also on the premises: Smilin’ Jack’s Pedal Cars.