I come from a poetry writing background, and editorial consensus seems to suggest that my stylistics are very strong. However, they also suggest that my work is lacking in characterization and/or pace. I get lots of rejections that say things like “gorgeous writing, but I had no sense of the main character,” or “Very well written, but slow.

I have never had a beard, or ever thought of growing one. I don’t think I could live with the scruffy, scratchy period between clean shaven and full growth. Once when very young I was persuaded by a girlfriend who had a pash on David Niven to spring a moustache on my upper lip.

The use of hand gestures has been around since the beginning of time. Evolutionary specialist tell us that gestures are much older than speech. When our ancestors needed to share information, or stop Grog the caveman from sharing another rendition of his escape from a wild beast last spring again it is a sure thing that a few “Hand Gestures” were put to good use..

The earliest fame bound Jacksonville musicians were James Weldon Johnson and his brother John Rosamond Johnson. James penned ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ in 1900 and it was performed as a poem in 1900 as part of Stanton’s celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Five years later, John set the words to music and by 1919 the NAACP had adopted the song as the Negro National Anthem..

I would suggest tackling flowers which present a relatively flattened, open aspect first. The reason for this is that the closer you get to the subject, the narrower the depth of field through which the subject remains pin sharp. With a flattened flower, there’s a better chance of the whole of the image being in focus.

I’ve been jumped before. So in my mind, I’m automatically thinking if you see seven, eight, nine, 10 guys walking up on you, you have to brace yourself and be ready for the challenge. I’m a Knicks fan for life no matter if I go back to the Garden or not.”.

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