(Armed Forces); 6. Brian Keck, Colorado Springs, Colo. (New York AC); 7. Demolition of single storey element to main dwelling and agricultural sheds. Change of use of land from agricultural to residential curtilage. Erection of part two storey, part single storey extension to dwelling with alterations to fenestrations, ancillary open cart shed parking with home office above, associated turning area, tennis court and landscaping at Broadcroft, Holdrop Hill, Headley..

Buy one (or the whole group!) and get early savings from Amazon and Walmart now. She doesn’t like it! Bianca comes with a ball of yarn to play with; place it in front of her and she will start walking in order to play! She will always try to attract your attention with movements and sounds, asking you to stroke and play with her. Gender: Unisex.

12. In 2003, it was Jan. 6.. The Ugly: Has to be the game against Manchester City at The Etihad. This is a difficult question to answer because everything was so overwhelmingly positive but the clash at the Etihad on January 3 must go here. How different would things have been had John Stones not cleared off the line with the score at 0 0? We will never know..

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William (Bill) Weicker, an RCAF pilot during the Second World War, died, along with 20 others, in a plane crash near the Estevan airport on September 15, 1946. The group was on their way back from North Dakota where they had been returning planes leased by Canada from the United States during the war. Here he is pictured shaking hands with his younger brother, who shortly after the photo was taken, was killed over Germany during the war.

ASSAULT, DISORDERLY CONDUCT, TRESPASSING: On January 3, Deputy H. Allen responded to the A Motel in Lexington Park for a report of a fight in progress. The victim reported being assaulted by the male occupying room 140 at the motel. Baby was breathing when she gave Taylor Bush the baby, Townsend said. Baby was never dead. The baby was never cold.

In Delaware, Vice President Biden seemed to say that his son would not run for his old Senate seat against Mike Castle. It turns out that’s not exactly what he meant, but there are still doubts over whether Beau Biden plans to make the race or perhaps just wait until Castle retires. In Nevada, a Daily Kos poll finds that Oscar Goodman would have a better shot at holding the Senate seat for Democrats than Harry Reid does.