Cigarette in mouth. It was the kind of nonchalance that instantly marked them as professionals, and is a look that today every serious cyclist tries to emulate. This week, as the 113th edition of Paris Roubaix nears, the penultimate of northern Europe spring classic bike races, we consider some of the finer points of cycling style and several individuals who made carrying a comb in a jersey pocket for finish line photos acceptable.

Diman: Ashton Begin, Nathan Freitas, DJ Machado, Aaron Reed. Holbrook: Bobby Belezes, John Loughlin. Old Colony: Luke Cavallaro, Drew Maurer. “As a competitor, there was none fiercer than Anthony Mason. Standing on the opposite end of the playing field, coaching in those great Chicago/New York battles, No. 14 in the orange and blue always stood out,” said Knicks President Phil Jackson, who coach the Chicago Bulls during their many matchups against the 90s Knicks..

It automatically turns on and off when you step on or off the scale. A large easy to read LCD screen displays your weigh in results. The scale has a maximum weight capacity of 396 pounds and features both an overload and low battery indicator. Starting in 2026, this will be one lucky (or extremely bored) worker’s everyday reality, thanks to a government funded conceptual art project in Gothenburg, Sweden. Dollars, plus annual wage increases, vacation time off and a pension for retirement. While the artists behind the project won’t be taking applications until 2025, when the station will be closer to opening, a draft of the help wanted ad is already available online, as Atlas Obscura reported on Monday..

On sale Nov 9 224 pg, FC, $49.99 USReoffered to coincide with THUNDER AGENTS ARCHIVES VOL. 5. AGENTS 12 14 and DYNAMO 4 (1967 69) with a foreword by Bill Schelly.On sale Nov 9 216 pg, FC, $49.95 US RelistWritten and illustrated by Hiwatari SakiCMX. Said she sometimes wonders what she doing beautiful designer clothes while the world is reeling backward. I am I doing to contribute to the world around me? she said. Fortunate because you all have taught me by example what the role of the arts is: to disrupt, to remold and to create.

I am sure most of us are already painfully aware of the lack of stars in our night sky. Sure, you may see plenty of them now but not as many as you would if away from the urban life and out in the countryside. And the fact that most Americans have never seen the Milky Way, something that humans have witnessed for millennia, is profoundly sad for the simple reason of its intrinsic beauty.