Commission chair Alan Reed said in a statement that the schools mischaracterized some of his comments during the meeting.Reed also defended the commissioners and said they did not violate Idaho’s open meetings law because data sets on display during the meeting drove the need “to keep individual student information confidential.” This direction came from the Idaho Attorney General’s Office, Reed said, and an attorney attended the closed door meeting to ensure conversations complied with state law.Reed did apologized for the accidental release of the recording, calling it a mistake that “did not do very well for children” who attend the schools discussed in the recording. “I am sorry about that and sincerely apologize to (the children),” Reed said in a statement.During the meeting, one commissioner outlined Heritage trustees’ tendency to “rubber stamp” whatever the school’s superintendent Christine Ivie says. Baysinger told the commission that Heritage’s school board “doesn’t want to deal with hard stuff” and would rather find an administrator “who tells them what they want to hear.”Ivie did not respond to Idaho Education News’s request for comment on this story.Heritage and Blackfoot both have a history with the commission.The commission conducted a months long investigated of both Blackfoot and Bingham Academy.

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