We gotta come back STRONG! We gotta make this shit legit. Its gonna be fuckin dope. Its gonna go fuckin sky high. In the field of 24, Rippon was one of just four skaters who didn’t plan or perform a quad. Instead, he stuck with the strategy that served him well in Friday’s short program performing the jumps he does best, as beautifully as he can. Rippon’s spins and footwork, the artistic connective tissue between the high value jumps, have long been world class.

Outlook: certainly get better as the season goes on and our new starters will gain more varsity experience. If we play aggressively and win close games throughout the season, we expect to return to the District 6 AA playoffs. Coaches: Adam Strasser, Mike Strasser, Steve Krug.

AbstractObjective To assess the clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a policy to provide breastfeeding groups for pregnant and breastfeeding women.Main outcome measures Primary outcome: any breast feeding at 6 8 weeks from routinely collected data for two pre trial years and two trial years. Secondary outcomes: any breast feeding at birth, 5 7 days, and 8 9 months; maternal satisfaction.Results Between 1 February 2005 and 31 January 2007, 9747 birth records existed for intervention localities and 9111 for control localities. The number of breastfeeding groups increased from 10 to 27 in intervention localities, where 1310 women attended, and remained at 10 groups in control localities.

Loved ones gathered at a vigil Wednesday to pay tribute to a Long Beach single mother and local dog walker who was killed when a driver who was fleeing police slammed into her car on Tuesday. At East 3rd Street and Temple Avenue, according to family and Long Beach Police Department officials. Coroner’s officials had yet to formally name the victim Wednesday, but friends and family identified her as Jessica Bingaman..

” And with South Africa, yes apartheid was wrong, but that means South Africa is absolved of every crime ever now?” Damn, you fucking stupid. No, white colonizers in South Africa are not absolved of their hideous crimes. Lol that isn at all what you meant but I figured I copy you by completely missing the point..

But we had that long before she took up racing. Sochi, her then guide Andrew Bor fastened the visor to stop the light from shining in her eyes, which renders her completely blind, as she raced in the super combined.happened in Sochi was disgusting. I sorry, but there no other word for it, she said.wasn her fault but she paid the price.also accused her of not training hard enough.