“The US (sold) $50 billion worth of weapons to the region last year. While in Qatar, Zarif met with Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani and discussed “issues of common interest”, the state run Qatar News Agency reported. Doha is a close ally of Washington and hosts the largest US military base in the region, while also maintaining cordial ties with Iran..

Hanging Garland VerticallyThis idea is pretty new to me, but makes perfect sense! Most people wrap garland around the tree, but why not try hanging the garland vertically from the top of the tree? What a unique idea! You can either tie off the garland at the top of the tree to a few branches (depending on the type of garland you are using) or you can use wire to attach the garland to the top of the tree to keep it in place. Try to weave the garland around the branches as it hangs down the tree to give it a little more character so that it’s not sitting flat on the tree’s surface. This method seems just as easy as wrapping the garland around the tree (maybe even easier!) For more general information and tips on hanging garland on a Christmas check out this article from eHow..

As you know . Julie and her siblings filed a wrongful death suit against Jean in 2015. They claim she removed their dad from an assisted living facility in California and took him on a 7 day journey, but when they returned, Casey had a massive bedsore that was deeply infected.

The shock would have set off massive volcanic eruptions raising CO2 levels and creating acid rain and the impact would have kicked up a lot of dust that would have made a massive cloud that could have caused a nuclear winter. It’s a nice theory, a bit overdramatic, and it doesn’t sit well with people who believe in Ockham ‘s razor (the simplest answer is usually the correct one.) A clue may be in the fact that land based plant life seems to also have been killed off unlike most other extinctions. Another clue may be in the fact that this extinction appears to have been relatively rapid compared to the others..

The death of the Nazi fighter pilot finally proved to be the final straw for the invading forces, and the Nazis began to exclusively target Lilya whenever they found her. On July 30, 1943, Lilya was surrounded by five Messerschmidts and attacked, her plane crash landing. The next day, Lilya was in the air again with a new plane, but the Messerschmidts returned and attacked.

Taking a summer road trip is an American classic experience. While accidents are an inevitable part of vehicular travel, taking simple precautions and being alert at the wheel go a long way in making your family road trip a safe one. We sat down with personal injury attorney Craig Swapp to find out his best bets for staying safe..