He’s gone on ESPN’s “First Take” and debated with Stephen A. Smith. Leaf, Ball’s college teammate who is also expected to be a first round pick Thursday, said with a smile. The actions or statements serve no reasonably useful purpose, such as to protect the child.Parental alienation is often done by an abusive (or otherwise substandard) parent against the “good” parent. Abusive parents seek to gain power and control over the other parent, and manipulating the child is how they accomplish this.”Every child has a fundamental right and need for an unthreatened and loving relationship with both parents, and to be denied that right by one parent, without sufficient justification such as abuse or neglect, is in itself a form of child abuse.”Parental alienation “involves a set of strategies, including bad mouthing the other parent, limiting contact with that parent, erasing the other parent from the life and mind of the child (forbidding discussion and pictures of the other parent), forcing the child to reject the other parent, creating the impression that the other parent is dangerous, forcing the child to choose between the parents by means of threats of withdrawal of affection, and belittling and limiting contact with the extended family of the targeted parent. In my own research on non custodial parents who have become disengaged from their children’s lives (Kruk, 2011), I found that most lost contact involuntarily, many as a result of parental alienation.

Roundell and Herbert Leaf. Proceeding to Cambridge, Mr. Boughton obtained his blue as a Freshman, and played in three matches against Oxford in 1836, 1838 and 1839. None of this had made any sense to Alina. She had refused to accept this version of the events, and had pressured detectives from the BND in Germany, as well as the Moscow police, to reopen the investigation into her parents’ deaths. She had written to the BND, hoping that the police apparatus in a less secretive nation would be receptive to her overtures, but had received nothing but polite evasions, typed on official stationery and signed by senior bureaucrats.

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The way the New York Knicks have handled everything this season is only marginally worse than how things have gone for the Bulls. Until last night, when they stepped to ticket purchasing Charles Oakley. It nice that Chicago can hand off the spotlight of shame to a different organization for a while.