Edward Peterman Museum of Railroad History and South Bay Historical Railroad Society [28]. This museum occupies the historical Santa Clara railway depot building near the Santa Clara Caltrain station. It features a variety of historical railroad artifacts and elaborate model railroads at HO and N scales.

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Sep 20, 2004, 09:07 PMUm, sorry about that apparently useless first post of mine; for some combination of a few reasons, I didn’t see ’til just now that this topic is 12 or so pages long. I must be the fifth or so person to point out what I pointed out, and it was a pretty obvious pointing out, too. Y’all prob’ly won’t be hearing much from me again.

My PCs were able to kill Asharak, the informant destroyed the super weapon just as the Battle commenced. In a twist ending, the informant had been playing both sides all along and destroying the Cataclysm triggered an explosion which left the city unscathed but destroyed the lands for 50miles in all directions. Destroying both armies and hopefully bringing a lasting piece forged from a shared tragedy (basically just stole the end of Watchmen to be honest)..

Even those who are on the opposition side are starting to see just how often he is right in calling out governmental misbehavior. We’re starting to see the corruption of the Democratic Party exposed and how Hillary cheated her way into the Party nomination. We’re seeing billionaire environmentalists basically putting a price on Trump’s head; demanding he be impeached or stop the flow of funding.